Heiko Spallek has been working with digital images since 1991. He is a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals and a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. He works extensively with Adobe Photoshop to accomplish challenging image requirements of today's digital market. He also works with moving images and small movie production using Adobe Flash, Premiere Pro and After Effect. Heiko is an expert in information design, image restorations and re-compositioning.

Other services
1. Embedded photographer
When you plan a birthday party or another celebration with friends, you often think about taking pictures at the beginning. You let all your guests line up and take a nice picture. However, you get the more interesting pictures when they are taken during the actual celebration after everybody is relaxed and not anymore aware of the photographer. Please see some examples.

2. Event Photography
Often a formal event photographer is needed. In many instances, flash is not permitted, which makes it hard to take pictures without professional equipment. See below how we, for instance, set up an event shoot for a dance recital where no flash was allowed.

3. Kids pictures
We think that kids portraits are more appealing when the shooting takes place in their natural play environment rather than when forced to smile at the local photographic studio using a lollipop as bribe. The examples below will convince you too ... see examples

4. Outdoor or indoor
When shooting high quality pictures we prefer the outdoor over a portraits studio. Using the evening or morning sun creates wonderful colors and a special mood which can not achieved indoors. Be aware that such pictures cannot be taken on any day, thus scheduling must allow a certain flexibility and cannot be fixed on a specific day because we cannot influence the weather. The examples below will convince you too.