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Killcare, Central Coast of NSW

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In January 2018, we rented a house with a huge patio overlooking the Pacific Ocean at the Central Coast, in Killcare, about one hour drive North of where we live.

HEI_2530HEI_2530 HEI_2533HEI_2533

We stayed mostly close to Putty Beach and the surrounding area that encompasses 27 ha including beach, rehabilitated sand-mined area, natural areas, Killcare Surf Club and public facilities.

We mostly enjoyed the beach in the early mornings before it got too hot. 


Each morning, we admired the newly built nets of the Garden Orb Web spiders. 

HEI_2541HEI_2541 HEI_2681HEI_2681

We also hiked in the Bouddi National Park, a park that was established in part by the relentless fight for the environment by bushwalker, Marie Byles (1900-1979). The close-by bay area features a huge marina and many stores and cafes next to the shoreline which we exploited for late breakfasts during our stay.

Sophia and I snorkelled from the beach finding a luscious underwater flora:


During one of our beach walks, we found several washed-up Bluebottles.


It was still moving a little bit:

Alexandra invited her boyfriend, Alex, over and both enjoyed swimming in the ocean.

Both, Sophia and Alexandra, modelled for me while I was flying my drone over the sandy beaches.

We had breakfast in town where the Rainbow lorikeets unashamed visited the restaurant tables.

HEI_2808HEI_2808 HEI_2826HEI_2826 HEI_2834HEI_2834 HEI_2850HEI_2850

Finally, I pieced together the best drone shots and came up with this movie:

In June 2018, we visited Killcare again for a few days to enjoy watching whales that can be seen passing the shores at this time of the year on their migratory route from Antartica to breed in warmer tropical waters. Between the month of October and November, they can be seen making their way back to the rich waters of Antartica to feed after giving birth. We learned that the common species are Humpback Whales and Southern Right Whales. We spent several hours at Captain Cook's lookout to observe breaching Humpback Whales.

Humpback Whale   HEI_4647HEI_4647   HEI_4717HEI_4717 HEI_4656HEI_4656 HEI_4676HEI_4676

I assembled a video from the best snippets taken while flying my DJI MavicPro drone from Captain Cook's lookout:

Our four-months-old Parson Russel Terrier, Lilly, enjoyed Putty Beach that permits dogs off leash.  

HEI_4526HEI_4526 HEI_4521HEI_4521 HEI_4611HEI_4611 HEI_4516HEI_4516 HEI_4466HEI_4466 HEI_4390HEI_4390

More pictures here.



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