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After having visited Taipei alone in October 2018, I had the opportunity to visit the School of Dentistry at the National Yang-Ming University together with Gisela for the opening of their new Centre for Digital Dentistry and Clinical Education in November 2019. By invitation of Professor Allen Ming-Lung Hsu, Dean of the Dental School, we stayed in The Grand Hotel. We experienced wonderful days in Taiwan that were well choreographed by our host Professor Allen. 

HEI_0825HEI_0825   HEI_0820HEI_0820 IMG_9473IMG_9473 IMG_9462IMG_9462
IMG_9476IMG_9476     IMG_9467IMG_9467

IMG_9593IMG_9593   IMG_9594IMG_9594
The view from The Grant Hotel:

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The next morning, Allen and Isabel picked us up for a High-Speed Rail (HSR) trip to Taichung following by sightseeing in Taichung City and accommodations at the Windsor Hotel.


HEI_0854HEI_0854 HEI_0855HEI_0855

We saw motorcycles everywhere as they seem to be the preferred transport mode for Taiwanese people.

We visited a temple and had a delicious lunch at a local restaurant.



IMG_9402IMG_9402 IMG_9410IMG_9410

IMG_0472IMG_0472 IMG_0463IMG_0463 IMG_0471IMG_0471

Then, we went to an art store where we enjoyed traditional Chinese tea.

HEI_0875HEI_0875 HEI_0876HEI_0876 HEI_0877HEI_0877 HEI_0884HEI_0884



Among many other sightseeing highlights, we admired the National Taichung Theater’s modern architecture.


IMG_9419IMG_9419 IMG_9424IMG_9424

Taichung street festival:

In the evening, we had a business dinner with dentists from the area who invited us to a fabulous restaurant, excellent food, great wine and inspiring conversations about the future of dental education and dental healthcare delivery. 

The next morning, we had a VIP tour of the Chung Tai Chan Monastery. We went to a lot of staff-only areas where we saw amazing aspects of the Monastery’s history, life and culture but were not permitted to take pictures. The tour started with a presentation by one of the Monastery’s leaders who explained Buddhism and how it relates to Mindfulness. We could take some pictures in the entrance hall and outside the massive gates.

HEI_1134HEI_1134 HEI_1194HEI_1194 HEI_1159HEI_1159 HEI_1129HEI_1129   HEI_1130HEI_1130
Then, we had one of the best vegetarian lunches ever, accompanied by two of the female monks.

HEI_1172HEI_1172 HEI_1174HEI_1174 HEI_1169HEI_1169 HEI_1178HEI_1178


After lunch, we visited the museum with Buddhist art.

IMG_9442-2IMG_9442-2 IMG_9448IMG_9448 HEI_1201HEI_1201 HEI_1230HEI_1230

Then, we returned with the High-Speed Rail to Taipei arriving at not too late at the Taipei Grand Hotel.

The next morning, I attended the opening ceremony at the National Yang-Ming University for the new Centre for Digital Dentistry and Clinical Education.

IMG_0485IMG_0485 IMG_0492IMG_0492 IMG_9497IMG_9497

This event was followed by a Gala Dinner with traditional dancing by representatives of each of the attending countries in the evening.


The dinner menu:


My thank-you speech:


On the following day, we drove to the Lanyang Museum to learn a lot about Taiwanese culture, flora and fauna.


IMG_9530IMG_9530 IMG_9534IMG_9534 IMG_9536IMG_9536 IMG_9541IMG_9541 IMG_9545IMG_9545   IMG_9552IMG_9552

Later we had lunch at The Cherry Valley duck restaurant with coffee at Mr Brown Café’ Castle. In the afternoon, we visited one more temple before returning to the hotel.

IMG_9574IMG_9574   IMG_9572IMG_9572

During the final day in Taipei, we explored the city. First stop was the famous 509.2 m high Taipei 101 Tower, also known as the Taipei World Financial Center. We took the fast elevator to get to the 89th floor going 60.6 km/h-a 37 seconds ride.




We visited the 660-tonne steel pendulum that serves as a tuned mass damper suspended from the 92nd to the 87th floor. The big sphere sways to offset movements in the building caused by strong gusts. We watched a small video that was taken in 2015 when strong winds from Typhoon Soudelor swayed the damper by 100 centimetres. 


HEI_1576HEI_1576 HEI_1577HEI_1577 HEI_1578HEI_1578

Then, we took the train to the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall erected in memory of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, former President of the Republic of China. We fed the Koi that were swimming in the surrounding ponds.






HEI_1667HEI_1667 HEI_1659HEI_1659 HEI_1666HEI_1666

We had lunch with our host at the world's tastiest dumpling place, Din Tai Fung which can also be found in Chatswood, Sydney. Fortunately, he ordered for us as there is no way one can understand the system, or how to properly eat the dumplings, such as opening them before putting them into your mouth.

HEI_1695HEI_1695 HEI_1690HEI_1690 HEI_1691HEI_1691 HEI_1697HEI_1697 HEI_1702HEI_1702 HEI_1704HEI_1704 HEI_1707HEI_1707 HEI_1715HEI_1715

Then, we visited the National Palace Museum where we admired Jade artefacts and traditional drawings among many other interesting cultural exhibits from 2000 BC to the 18th century.

HEI_1738HEI_1738 HEI_1736HEI_1736 HEI_1795HEI_1795 HEI_1731HEI_1731

HEI_1833HEI_1833 HEI_1834HEI_1834 HEI_1840HEI_1840 HEI_1842HEI_1842

We saw a carving of bokchoy cabbage in jadeite as well as meat-shaped stone.  

HEI_1744HEI_1744   HEI_1749HEI_1749

The development of Chinese characters:

In the evening we returned with a direct overnight flight back to Sydney.

HEI_1846HEI_1846 Here more pictures from this trip.


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