Visiting Seoul, Korea

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After visiting Seoul in November 2018, I had the chance to attend the QS Subject Focus Summit on Dentistry “Changing Paradigm in Dental Education for Future Excellence” at Kyung Hee University in April 2019. I presented on "Why is innovation so hard in dentistry?”. Kyung Hee University is one of the best private universities encompassing an educational system from kindergarten to graduate school. Kyung Hee University has 24 colleges, 82 departments and majors, 65 master’s and 63 doctorate programs, 18 professional and special graduate schools, and 43 auxiliary research institutions. Kyung Hee was founded in 1949 by Dr. Young Seek Choue, first president of Kyung Hee University, whose founding philosophy was “Toward a New Civilization.” In 1993, Kyung Hee received the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education. 

Gisela and I arrived Monday night, and then we explored the area surrounding our hotel on Tuesday. We visited the Jogyesa Temple, one of the main temples of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism which was built in 1910.

HEI_3092HEI_3092 L_GI2957L_GI2957 L_GI2962L_GI2962

We admired the modern architecture and street art in Seoul. 

HEI_3068HEI_3068 HEI_3069HEI_3069 HEI_3071HEI_3071 HEI_3078HEI_3078

Finding your way around in the city is complicated given the signage is mostly Korean.

HEI_3080HEI_3080 HEI_3061HEI_3061

We visited a local market that presented many opportunities to buy brushes for writing, or painting, the Korean letters.


Then, we visited the Unhyeongung Palace--house of Yi Ha-eung and his family. It is the only palace that includes mannequins depicting how the people lived in these palaces. The majority of the palace was built in 1864 during the time of King Gojong’s reign.
HEI_3177HEI_3177 HEI_3184HEI_3184 HEI_3186HEI_3186 HEI_3182HEI_3182

During our visit to Seoul, spring arrived with many flowering trees throughout the city. 


We ate a traditional lunch, experimenting with the various spicy dishes.

HEI_3211HEI_3211 HEI_3208HEI_3208 HEI_3209HEI_3209 HEI_3200HEI_3200

In the late afternoon, we visited Lotte World Mall and Tower and its 9 floors of shops and restaurants. 

HEI_3267HEI_3267   HEI_3249HEI_3249   HEI_3261HEI_3261

We had a glass of champagne on the 123rd floor admiring the sunset over the outskirts of Seoul.


HEI_3297HEI_3297 HEI_3278HEI_3278 HEI_3318HEI_3318

We concluded the day with a dinner at Saint Maison, World Gourmet Seafood Dining, enjoying a 6-course dinner.

  HEI_3340HEI_3340 HEI_3342HEI_3342 HEI_3347HEI_3347 HEI_3353HEI_3353 HEI_3356HEI_3356 HEI_3358HEI_3358

On Wednesday, we visited The Secret Garden enjoying the beautiful scenery during the sunshine.

HEI_3393HEI_3393 HEI_3408HEI_3408 HEI_3389HEI_3389 HEI_3423HEI_3423 HEI_3489HEI_3489 HEI_3491HEI_3491 HEI_3488HEI_3488 HEI_3486HEI_3486 HEI_3467HEI_3467 HEI_3461HEI_3461 HEI_3454HEI_3454 HEI_3485HEI_3485

In the afternoon, we strolled around in the traditional neighbourhood of Hanbok where many signs remind tourists that this is actually a residential area asking for quiet conduct—with not much success.  

HEI_3529HEI_3529 HEI_3515HEI_3515 L_GI3040L_GI3040   HEI_3518HEI_3518 HEI_3539HEI_3539 HEI_3541-EditHEI_3541-Edit HEI_3545HEI_3545 HEI_3549HEI_3549 HEI_3516HEI_3516 HEI_3532HEI_3532

In the evening, we had a traditional dinner.

HEI_3578HEI_3578 HEI_3580HEI_3580 HEI_3582HEI_3582 HEI_3583HEI_3583 HEI_3585HEI_3585 HEI_3587HEI_3587

The next day, after a Cherry Blossom Tea and green-tea cake at Starbucks…


...we went to the Seoul tower, an observation tower located more centrally than the World Lotte Tower. 
HEI_3635HEI_3635 HEI_3639HEI_3639 HEI_3645HEI_3645

HEI_3670HEI_3670 HEI_3675HEI_3675

The tower is located on Beacon Hill in Mongmyeoksan, also known as Gyeongbongsu. The beacon system, created in the Joseon period, used fires to warn of an enemy invasion approaching the borders. 

We were amazed by the tradition of placing a padlock somewhere on the structure to demonstrate lifelong attachment to a loved one. The area is so full of locks that Christmas Tree like structures had to be placed there to permit more visitors to place their locks.  


In the evening, Gisela and I attended the opening event of the conference at the Westin Chosun Hotel featuring a keynote by Prof Young Guk Park, Acting President of Kyung Hee University.  

IMG_8996IMG_8996   IMG_8995IMG_8995

The evening concluded with a Jazz performance by academics of Kyung Hee University. IMG_9021IMG_9021

On Friday, I attended the QS Subject Focus Summit at Kyung Hee University's Grand Peace Hall, delivered my speech and enjoyed the conference.  

IMG_3263IMG_3263 IMG_3276IMG_3276

The day concluded with a Gala Dinner at a Korean Restaurant, Samchcheonggak.

QJET6001QJET6001 IMG_9050IMG_9050 IMG_9056IMG_9056 IMG_9057IMG_9057 IMG_9058IMG_9058

On Saturday, the conference started in the morning with more presentations. At noon, students from the local dental school took us on individual tours through their city.

We first had a traditional lunch with our students...



... followed by a tour of the Gyeongbokgung Palace




HEI_3833HEI_3833   HEI_3838HEI_3838

The day concluded with a visit of the memorial stones, statues that honour civil officials.

HEI_3877HEI_3877 HEI_3874HEI_3874 HEI_3869HEI_3869 HEI_3873HEI_3873

Afterwards, we explored a gourmet supermarket—shopping for an in-room dinner after a long day. 

HEI_3713HEI_3713 HEI_3714HEI_3714 HEI_3715HEI_3715 HEI_3717HEI_3717 HEI_3718HEI_3718 HEI_3722HEI_3722

On Sunday, we explored the city further until our lunch departure. First, we visited the Namdaemun Market where one can buy anything. 

HEI_3987HEI_3987 HEI_3976HEI_3976 HEI_3981HEI_3981 HEI_3979HEI_3979 HEI_3958HEI_3958 HEI_3973HEI_3973 HEI_3951HEI_3951 HEI_3969HEI_3969

HEI_3965HEI_3965 HEI_3962HEI_3962 HEI_3983HEI_3983 HEI_3940HEI_3940

HEI_3955HEI_3955 HEI_3952HEI_3952 HEI_3950HEI_3950 HEI_3943HEI_3943 HEI_3937HEI_3937 HEI_3947HEI_3947 HEI_3944HEI_3944 HEI_3972HEI_3972

Then, we walked to the futuristically-shaped Design Museum and the Design Exhibition Hall.

HEI_4011HEI_4011 HEI_4012HEI_4012 HEI_4015HEI_4015 HEI_4019HEI_4019 HEI_4025HEI_4025

After lunch, we walked back along the Cheonggyecheon Stream and saw a Blue Heron catching a fish and flying off.

HEI_4072HEI_4072 HEI_4074HEI_4074

HEI_4083HEI_4083 HEI_4102HEI_4102 HEI_4103HEI_4103 HEI_4106HEI_4106

In the evening we departed for an overnight flight returning to Sydney.

Here are more pictures.


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